In homage to a recent Guardian Books Blog (‘Forget selfies, we want to see your shelfies‘), at EMC we have taken a few shelfie snaps of our own. Feel free to send us your own examples!


An impressive collection at such a young age. Who said early readers were best served by a phonics based approach?

2013-12-18 18.17.36

Not so much a comment on the festive season, as on the reading experience itself.

2013-12-18 20.21.27

Treasured family members mingle with treasured reading – on shelves just for authors beginning with ‘M’. This person has a lot of books!

2013-12-18 20.22.09

Close up of the Ms!

2013-12-18 18.16.24

A corner shelfie.

2013-12-19 16.33.00

EMC Seminar room shelfie

2013-12-18 18.21.39lwdownstairs2

Merry Christmas shelfies!


An ‘L’ mug – who owns this beautifully arranged shelfie?


Overspill shelfie.


Picturebook shelfie.

lw alternative bookshelf

A postmodern shelfie?

junk room

Junk room shelfie!


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