Five articles from MediaMagazine you really shouldn’t be without


December 2013 front cover

Are you looking for fantastic articles to stretch, challenge and inspire sixth form students? If the answer is yes, then EMC’s magnificent MediaMagazine, a subscription publication for advanced level students and their teachers, is just what you need. Read on for details of how to access free articles by leading Media experts, such as the two Davids: Aaronovitch and Buckingham.

MediaMagazine, like emagazine, is a quarterly subscription journal, offering student-friendly approaches to significant current media debates and a diverse range of material for anyone following Film Studies and Media Studies A Level specifications. It also offers stimulating reading for a general sixth form audience. While many articles target the specific requirements of individual awarding bodies, and are used by schools for revision and research purposes, others prompt wider reading, covering students’ pleasures and preferences, exploring the implications and uses of new technologies, and introducing readers to new, non-mainstream texts, ideas, and forms of analysis – ideal source material for sixth form cultural enrichment, extended projects, or General Studies courses.

Great resources at 'mmclips'

Great resources at ‘mmclips’

Many articles are written by leading HE academics in the field, and many more by experienced media and film teachers. Several schools have built these into their VLEs, and regularly use them in place of a textbook, since they can address and update topical issues and debates. We also include interviews and case studies from media professionals – journalists, film-makers, producers and games-makers – and both essays and production work from media students themselves: opportunities to inspire your own students with the sophisticated critical skills of their peers.

Now 11 years and 47 issues old, MediaMag has an online archive to die for, including 1000+ articles, a range of extra digital supplements, a library of clips from media academics and professionals, links to student video production, and much more.

To introduce you to the magazine, we’re making available five sample articles from the archives. To access them, simply click on the following link: MMBlogsamples.

If you would like further information about MediaMagazine, or any of our resources, please contact us at


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